Remodeling Projects ROI

Remodeling Projects that Offer the Best Return on Investment

Monday Aug 10th, 2020


by Alexia Gallagher

Are you interested in adding a deck or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom?  Wouldn't it be nice to know what your return on investment might be before you tackle this project?  Below is the 2018 Remodeling Statistics Report for Atlanta.
According to the 2018 Remodeling Cost versus Value Report which can be found at, replacing your garage door offers the highest return on investment at an average rate of 110.1% following closely by adding stone veneer to your exterior which offers a 109.8% average return.  Regarding kitchens, you will fair much better with a minor kitchen renovation which offers an average return of 91.6% but if you desire a major kitchen renovation be aware that you will mostly likely only see a 63.8% to 66.2% return on your investment.
The good news is the Atlanta saw a higher return on almost all remodeling projects in comparison the Southeast as a whole or the United States a a whole.  Do you have questions regarding a specific remodelig project?  Contact me if I can give you my professional opinion or if I may help in any way.
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