Why is real estate the best investment?

  • You can build equity and increase your net worth
  • You can customize and personalize where you live
  • You can deduct the mortgage interest and property taxes you pay from your income on your tax return
  • Real estate is typically a stable investment
  • Over time, you can leverage the equity in your home for other investments
  • When you sell, you can exclude some or all of the profit you earn from being taxed
  • Down the road, you can rent the property out and create extra income each month

Below are three graphs illustrating the 10 year history for (1) US interest rates, (2) median home prices, and (3) the Dow Jones industrial average index. Following are scenarios of the net income you would have earned over the past 10 years if you had invested $10,5000 in a savings account, a home, or the stock market.

US Interest Rates - 10 Year History

Median Home Prices - 10 Year History

Dow Jones - 10 Year History


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